We are pleased to announce that our group of companies has joined the “NETZWERK Unternehmen integrieren Flüchtlinge”. Many companies in Germany are already committed to the integration of refugees or intend to do so. The NETZWERK Unternehmen integrieren Flüchtlinge now brings these companies together.

Introducing 3G controls

Due to the nationwide increase in Corona infections, we are introducing 3G control. Access to the warehouse and office areas is now only possible if a visitor or an employee is convalesced, fully vaccinated or daily tested (rapid test or PCR test). The rapid test may be no more than 24 hours old, the PCR test no more than 48 hours old. Due to the new legal situation, we are also obliged to document the controls. The 3G regulation applies equally to staff and visitors.
We would like to point out that drivers who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered have difficulties in presenting a negative test that is up-to-date for the day. Very few test sites operate 24 hours a day or can be accessed by a 40 tonne truck. Therefore, we ask the recipients of goods for their understanding. We are confident that, as before, the necessary data and documents can be exchanged without contact.

We very much hope for your support for these measures.

Fine weather follows the storm

The storm front of 19/20 Jun 21 has moved away and our communication systems are also running again. Often one asks oneself whether the costs and the effort for redundant EDP systems are necessary. In moments like these, however, we are very glad that even power failure and lightning strike did not leave any significant damage and that our data processing is secured thanks to the high availability system.