WarehousingWarehousing: WILMS Transport relies here on the expertise and capacity of WILMS Tiefkühl-Service:

Services initially include “basic” warehousing services. WILMS Tiefkühl-Service offers sufficient space in the following temperature ranges:


-25 °C to -20 °C+0 °C to +6 °C+7 °C to +11 °C+18 °C

As Additionally to 100% service and commitment, clients benefit from the option of flexibly adapting their logistics capacities to their seasonal requirements. Is this living, breathing logistics concept unique? Maybe not but it is effective.

In addition, in the context of outsourcing projects, WILMS Tiefkühl-Service also takes over existing warehousing logistics or those to be established.

Zusätzlich übernimmt WILMS Tiefkühl-Service GmbH im Rahmen von Outsourcingprojekten auch bestehende oder neu zu gründende Lagerlogistik.