City Logistics

City LogisticsIn 2001, WILMS Tiefkühl-Service, today a co-shareholder of WILMS Transport, established a branch office for city logistics south of Berlin. WILMS Transport will also continue to use the Berlin site as a transit platform for Berlin and deliveries to eastern Germany.

Solo vehicles are in use for regional cargo distribution.

One of the business strengths is that WILMS can combine shipping of goods in various temperature ranges, such as frozen and chilled goods or ambient goods in separate compartments in one vehicle. This type of consignment bundling helps optimise ramp contacts in the trade or in the catering industry.

When there is demand for capacity, WILMS Transport relies on a network of selected, longstanding associates. European shipping consignments, for example, are handled by established associates within freezeline logistics. The main focus here is on individual service with each client assignment and our aim is to transport any goods to their destination on time.

As a member of the WILMS group many vehicles also carry signage for the affiliated WILMS Tiefkühl-Service.