Torsten Dietrich, WILMS Transport managing director
Born in Dresden in1963, Torsten Dietrich has been working for the WILMS group since the late summer of 2002. As a successful branch manager in Berlin until the end of 2009, he then took over as managing director of the recently established WILMS Transport.
He completed an apprenticeship in the GDR as a skilled construction worker specialising in bridge construction. He got his first job with a state combine building motorways before the Berlin Wall fell. After that, he was employed as a taxi driver and driver in the transport industry on 1 January 1990.
At the age of 30, Mr Dietrich started working as a driver in Grumbach; he also had a job as a procurement manager and was promoted by his then employer who appointed him deputy branch manager.
Torsten Dietrich is married and has two daughters.